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Why Strength AND Poetry

If you follow my social media, you'll know that I'm branded as Strength and Poetry. I'm a professional poet and an active, amateur strongman. For the curious among you, I want to use this blog to shine some light on why these are the two sides of myself that I show to the public. Really, it boils down to two reasons:

First, this is who I am. I am a professional poet. I am a strength enthusiast. Neither of those things will ever be different. For years, I tried to keep the worlds separate. I had different sets of friends in each world, rarely speaking about strength in poetry circles or poetry in strength circles. At some point, though, I realized that compartmentalizing these elements was not healthy. It kept me from being a whole person. In one context, I was a hard, crusty gym rat with limited emotions and sensitivity. In others, I was fully exposed, messy, emotional, a drunk, and a rascal. As I matured, I realized that being a poet made me a better strongman, and being a strongman made me a better person. I will address this more specifically in later blog posts, but for now I'll just say being your full self in as many contexts as possible is a better move than dividing your personalities.

Second, I realized that many artists are like me. They use their art as the mainstay of their identity. We tend to allow ourselves to be a mess, sloppy, unorganized, unhealthy, etc. Sometimes it's described as using your art as an excuse to not develop in other areas of life. It's the tortured artist mentality. I'd like to use my platform to demonstrate to other artists that prioritizing things like strength, fitness and physical health do not hurt your art. In fact, it will probably help it.

The posts in this blog are written with artists in mind. I'll share how I apply lessons from one world to the other, and speak to how I balance different worlds. I hope you enjoy.

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