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Perhaps aliens are friendly. Maybe when a kid skins a knee on concrete, these purple-pelted, big-bellied bubs scoop them up in a soothing bear hug. Then again, aliens might be grumpy, tentacled creatures hovering in space like deities, dictating our every decision. They could be warriors on their way to seize earthly governments, traveling in translucent spacecrafts that cause earthquakes upon landing. Or maybe aliens are super chill and have a lot of nipples.


Whatever the case, this book asks one question: in a world where aliens are among us, what does it mean to be human? In his debut collection, poet Kory Vance astounds with imaginative scenes, surrealist world-building, and pulse-stopping reflections. There are also genital jokes.

At heart, Kory is a bum. His greatest wish is to lay around on hay bales, sip cappuccinos, watch anime, and wonder about monsters or aliens or women. In his paradise, he would never actually endure the toil of writing. However, some dastardly force, whether random evolution or cosmic power, has infected the poet with a torturous amount of ambition. And so, instead of handing his life over to chips and salsa on feathered pillows, Kory spends his days pursuing a small pack of goals that dart and zig like frightened squirrels. He writes poems and stories about aliens, monsters, the apocalypse, society, love, and lust. Kory is also a professional in affordable housing, passionate about alleviating the current crisis. Additionally, to balance the creative and social with the physical, he trains for and competes in the sport of amateur strongman.


Kory's poetry has appeared in many journals. He leads a small workshop with some of Sacramento's best writers and performs one-man poetry shows. Ambition is a hell of a thing. If it could be squeezed out of Kory's bones -- just rung out like a rag -- and captured in jelly jars, Kory would plop them clanking in a grain sack and re-gift the whole lot on a holiday.

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