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In addition to my books, you can find my poetry out in the wild land of literary journals and magazines. My sincerest gratitude to all of these publications for including me. Check the links below. (Also scroll down for a bonus)

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Pig Salt

New Note Poetry

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Rosemary, Society, and Feathers

The Antonym: Bridge to Global Literature

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Lily Pads

HASH Journal

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A Mouse Named Heaven, Butter and Sugar, and Roses on Your Table

Southern Florida Poetry Journal

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Aliens Keep Hummingbirds as Pets, and Drinking Coffee in Ankle-Deep Mud with Aliens

Sinking City



It isn’t that we weren’t in love. It’s just the violins were out of tune. One time a teacher told me laboratories can make the color blue. Meanwhile the job of God got lost to automation. Meanwhile fresh water is distilled into vodka for novelty shot glasses. Meanwhile the economy turned muggy mosquito hot and wilts with the lilies. Meanwhile all the kids fall in love!



I called my sister and told her I met somebody. My sister and I, we shared a childhood with Lincoln Logs and farmer grandpas. We both had dreams. She found hers in a preacher’s hand. My dreams are gum-stuck in the woods, in the woods forty years from now, in the woods and the holy land. The holy land in tomorrow’s hot-hot world where gardens still grow, where there are grandchildren ¾ grandchildren to plant cucumber seeds.



I never made it out of a child’s wishes lost in the breeze

attached by prayer

                    to duck-down dandelion seeds


one time I ate yellow dandelion flowers

with a poor man

in his slum lord’s yard

where the sun sets

over abandoned factories



the stage is set

giant Ronald-McDonald balloons

are parading through

the mean streets

of the American City

anchored by flatbed trucks

filled to the rails with children

wearing church robes

and goggles playing television


Dry skin

Knocking knees

All the kids

Stand and sing

Fuck the Billionaires!




I watched the parade go by with her. She had little suns in her eyes. It made me want to hold her hand and catch candy with my other hand. I wanted to watch the balloons disappear around the corner, year after year. She asked me if I would follow them. Follow them down a rose petal road where we would walk unto our death and she had rose petals tattooed on her skin.



the cities of men

cannot keep up

with all the



                                    out of


they just slide right out onto the curb


in a deplorable adorable infant herd

stampeding highways of the Midwest


babies toddling

on wobbly legs

heads bobbling

on licorice necks


(an industrial revolution made asphalt for their sensitive heads)


                                    they charge the LED billboards

                                                blazing the light of lipstick ads over hordes

                                                            of feeder pigs filled to the snouts with hormones                                                                                                                 and demons


JESUS! Find us another cliff already!



I stood on a cliff. With her. Holding her hips.



One time a teacher told me the best way to understand history is to study war. My parents wouldn’t get a divorce. God doesn’t like those for some reason. There is a story in the Bible where the pharaoh wouldn’t believe the plagues were from God. What took that king so long? I believe atoms are mostly empty space. I believe in atom bombs.

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